Friday, December 24, 2010

Through Love and Care

I went to the church and was blessed by the priest

Having long unconfessed thus declined Eucharist.

Singing hymns with great joy

My heart rose to share the evening mass

Filled with Love and Care.

It seems to me as we raise candles high

That the light does shine forth to give us a sign.

Good people rose from their pews

To shake hands with and smile upon each other

Giving Love and Care.

Heading home quiet streets with stores closed for the night

Hoping fam'lies of children all tucked warm and tight

Sweet dreaming of plumbing sugared delights

Cookies are brought from the neighbors to share

Receiving with grace so much Love and Care.

This day of forgiveness and spiritual lift

May move the remorseful to understand their blessed gifts.

Let us come awake and aware of our light

To live with each other with Love and Care.

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