Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fool's Paradise

Fools who are lovers watching the sky
Their wishes on clouds rolling by

Fools who are lovers taking a chance
Listening for music - the gift of the dance
The gift of the dance

They carry their hearts like balloons on a string
Then over time, one by one, they take wing
Love has a way of doing that thing
to fools who are lovers just learning to sing

And if I could love you like a fool I would try
To send all my kisses on clouds 'cross the sky
Singing and dancing a lovers' delight
Making the world a Fool's Paradise

To fools who are lovers the music is kind
Lifting their hearts far beyond the mind
Learning to dance isn't so hard to do
That's what the music will do to you.

Fools who are lovers - join in the dance
Join in the dance
Join in the dance.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


When your heart swells

Over the many things

Fabricating an unsteady arch

Over you

Made of turnings

You know to be true

There is

Nothing you can do.

The architects are sacred,

Mooching the precious air


Leaving you breathless.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Memory of Love

Like water, Love leaves its mark.

Its crumpled indelible sheen

Warms to the touch.

The hand of memory brushes

Ensorcelled pages of its worn book,

Savoring what is locked inside.

Illuminating its delicate pulsing prism.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Dish

This little dish is worn out now

Its soft pink glaze is chipped in spots

There is a crack that runs across,

A crescent edge is broke clean off.

Yet I use it often times.

Its pleasant shape of curving edge

So charming and feminine

Can one place gender in a dish?

Perhaps the flavors of foods she held

Have suffused themselves

And given weight of character;

A grand luster to this little Limoges.

Gentle style, pleasing form

All that rest on her adorned as

She carries nourishments with open hand.

Care in handling – perhaps some bandaging

Such damage does command.

Still useful in her artful way

Through a lifetime of bumps and scrapes yet

Her filigree curves smoothly to the touch

The world grows things to throw away

This plate I’ll keep another day.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Through Love and Care

I went to the church and was blessed by the priest

Having long unconfessed thus declined Eucharist.

Singing hymns with great joy

My heart rose to share the evening mass

Filled with Love and Care.

It seems to me as we raise candles high

That the light does shine forth to give us a sign.

Good people rose from their pews

To shake hands with and smile upon each other

Giving Love and Care.

Heading home quiet streets with stores closed for the night

Hoping fam'lies of children all tucked warm and tight

Sweet dreaming of plumbing sugared delights

Cookies are brought from the neighbors to share

Receiving with grace so much Love and Care.

This day of forgiveness and spiritual lift

May move the remorseful to understand their blessed gifts.

Let us come awake and aware of our light

To live with each other with Love and Care.

Monday, December 20, 2010


There is a friend I can talk to.

We can talk about anything.

He listens, I listen.

He comments, I comment.

We can go on about stuff.

It’s cool.

I think that we agree on some things but

We don’t need to know what they are.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


If you remembered everything

You would weep.

There is the time I pulled you from

Your burdensome cross

Then held you in my arms and let you

Rest in my dark, quiet heart until

You were reborn.

You had the strength of a world

And all was forgiven;

We began anew.

Then I transgressed.

You waited too long in the car.

Remembering only my gun at your head

Murdering you with time.

Yet I know you were already

Close to remembering everything.