Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fool's Paradise

Fools who are lovers watching the sky
Their wishes on clouds rolling by

Fools who are lovers taking a chance
Listening for music - the gift of the dance
The gift of the dance

They carry their hearts like balloons on a string
Then over time, one by one, they take wing
Love has a way of doing that thing
to fools who are lovers just learning to sing

And if I could love you like a fool I would try
To send all my kisses on clouds 'cross the sky
Singing and dancing a lovers' delight
Making the world a Fool's Paradise

To fools who are lovers the music is kind
Lifting their hearts far beyond the mind
Learning to dance isn't so hard to do
That's what the music will do to you.

Fools who are lovers - join in the dance
Join in the dance
Join in the dance.

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