Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Place I Keep Empty You Touched

Remembering you now; from three years ago,
yes, it was a surprise to meet you.
I was compelled to urge you to play your music.
When all along, you played for years. Good to know –
You have such friends to collect about you and love.
You came to play in the curved tent. Sleepy hours
In the walking minstrel night. I was asmile to see you,
hear you, you're intensity, your lovely face.
I wanted more yet how could that be?
Now your gentle blue eyes are in my thoughts. I will see them
For a long while. How it felt to look into them directly
Looking into me,
A comfort, a place to rest quietly, a person to love.
So close that eyes could meet, yet lips could not take the chance.
Yet a kiss with eyes so deep is as soft lips brushing.
I see you now. Our hands
Are touching gently.
I remember you now and wish for more.
How can that be?
Notes of music, a torn off piece of song
dance in sleepy drifts with glimpses of you peeking through
Avoiding you as long as possible till it was just too hard to walk by.
And you remembered too. Do you wish for more?
How can that be?

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