Friday, June 5, 2009

Beyond Reason

Beyond reason

Beyond the mind 

the heart is the doorway

To the bottomless ocean

Called The Soul.

What has fallen in is a stone.

Upon it, carved deeply, is your name.

It is falling deeper and deeper.

It will never wear away.

Perhaps one day, my magic turtle will 

Carry it back from the depths and 

Return it to my hand.  There it will

Melt into your beating heart.  

You will come to claim it 

And we will share the joy of 

Finding you 

Whole once more.

We will live by the shore

And swim in the



©1996 & 2009 Su Polo


  1. This poem has a quiet power, as if it had been etched on a frieze from an ancient civilization, and translated for modern eyes by its discoverer.

  2. Your page is very lovely. I love the origami you have here. Gives it an exotic flair IMHO.

    Also, I like the imagery you have used in this poem. I like this image in particular,
    “the heart is the doorway
    To the bottomless ocean”

    and you connect that ocean to the soul. Then you tie it up nicely at the end with,

    “And swim in the

    Oh that we could all dive into our own souls and seek our answers within. A very good poem.